marcus fischer
sound + art from portland, oregon

Marcus Fischer is a first-generation American sound and visual artist who creates, collects, and transforms audio into immersive, layered soundscapes that accompany performances/installations. Site-specific assemblages of exposed speakers, tape loops, and found objects are characteristic of his installations, paired with melodies of restraint and tension. He has composed music for independent films and experimental multi-media installations. His music has appeared on the award-winning public radio program Radiolab, on mobile applications, in documentaries, and in interactive games. He has released numerous recordings—both solo and collaborative —on 12k, a label that has decisively defined and developed its own concept of minimalism in the realms of experimental and ambient music. In 2017, he was an artist-in-residence at the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation / Rauschenberg Residency where he completed “Loss," his most recent solo album. He contributed two sound works and two performances to the 2019 Whitney Biennial as the sole artist from the Pacific Northwest included in the edition. As an installation artist, he is interested in engaging with the audience’s experience of time and space in unconventional and unexpected ways.

Fischer performs solo, in collaborations, and as a member of unrecognizable now and wild card.

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