marcus fischer
sound + art from portland, oregon

letraset, or dry transfer lettering, was introduced to the world in 1960. it was highly attractive to graphic artists and designers and revolutionized graphic design practice through the quick and easy process of applying well-designed letters to flat surfaces. once computers and the practice of desktop publishing became widely adopted as the new industry standard, letraset fell out of favor among commercial designers and became the tool of choice for young punks designing flyers and record sleeves. computers and layout software soon became available and affordable enough for the punks to embrace them, resulting in letraset being left behind once again.
i was one of those people that abandoned letraset for computers. a few years ago i returned to the medium... not for layout but for something else.

this series of animals are all letraset dry transfer letters on paper.

a limited run of silk screened typographical animal prints are available here. all prints have been numbered and signed.