marcus fischer
sound + art from portland, oregon

Marcus Fischer
On Shore
Digital/CD limited edition: 60
Artist Pressing 2012/2013
first pressing 30
second pressing 31


On Shore serves as an extension of ideas contained in Monocoastal. But rather than focusing on the memories of a life spent on the american side of the Pacific Ocean, it seeks to uproot them and transport them to the other side of the Pacific. To Japan.

On Shore was originally released as a Japanese tour CD. The first pressing was housed in a numbered edition of 30 chipboard envelopes with cover art featuring a graphical score of the final 9 minutes of the recording.
The 2nd CDr edition features modified artwork and packaging. The disc comes in a letterpressed chipboard sleeve. Each sleeve and disc are paired and numbered as a set.

On Shore is available for download HERE.

All sounds were created or captured by Marcus Fischer
On Shore was recorded and in Manzanita + Portland, Oregon in September, 2012.

Many thanks to all of kind and talented people who showed their support during my time in Japan.

Fluid Radio's review of On Shore can be found HERE.