marcus fischer
sound + art from portland, oregon

Field Works
Pogue's Run
Vinyl LP
Team Records 2015

Featuring musical collaborations with Marcus Fischer,Eluvium, Benoit Pioulard, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Joseph Terrana, and William Tyler. Includes writings by Ben H. Winters, photography by Jonathan Frey, and original artwork by Casey Roberts. The second in a five album series, Pogue's Run was released in September 2015 and was funded by the National Science Foundation as part of StreamLines. Additional support was provided the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s Sound Expeditions program, The Kinetic Project, MERU, and the New Knowledge Organization.

Pogue’s Run, the second album by FIELD WORKS, follows a humble waterway through urban neighborhoods in Indianapolis. From its source, through the city, into a mysterious three-mile underground tunnel, and finally to the White River, Pogue’s Run represents the ongoing tension between nature and civilization.

Pogue's Run can be purchased HERE