marcus fischer
sound + art from portland, oregon

Marcus Fischer
Public Works
CD + Digital / Edition of 100
Artist Released 2015

"Public Works" is a collection of live recordings made between 2012-2015. I have chosen to omit both the dates of these performances + the locations which they took place. The titles I have chosen for these recordings instead reflect my memories of the particular performances or the situations that surrounded them. This release serves to document the sounds that were created and not as a replacement for seeing + hearing live improvised music in person.

Side note: "Public Works" was originally created as a tour CD for my upcoming series of dates in Japan that Taylor Deupree and I had planned for late November, 2015. The week before the tour I dislocated my arm + severely fractured my shoulder in a fall. On the day I was to leave, instead of catching a flight from Portland to Tokyo, I had surgery to repair the fracture. My long term goal is to recover from my injury + make plans to return to japan in 2016. Thank you for the support.

Music + Photography by Marcus Fischer
Mastered by Taylor Deupree at 12k
released November 17, 2015

Public Works can be purchased HERE

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