marcus fischer
sound + art from portland, oregon

Marcus Fischer
Rivers Home - Willamette River
3" CD / limited edition: 100
Flaming Pines 2011

To celebrate World Rivers Day Flaming Pines released the first chapter of its 10 three inch CD series Rivers Home.
As our environment continues to change, rivers represent some of our most vulnerable eco-systems with urban runoff, over fishing, changing rain patterns and the clearing of river banks just some of the challenges to river systems worldwide.

Rivers Home sees Marcus Fischer, Field Rotation, Broken Chip, Kate Carr and Billy Gomberg, each present an ode to a different piece of water on their own three inch CD.

"The Willamette river is one of the few rivers in the western United States that flows from south to north. It runs from a series of tributaries south of Eugene, Oregon, north 180 miles where it joins up with the Columbia river.
The piece that I composed for the Rivers Home series follows the path of the Willamette river through Portland, where it passes under a series of bridges, homes and industry before the two rivers meet."
-Marcus Fischer
Portland, Oregon