marcus fischer
sound + art from portland, oregon

Marcus Fischer + The Oo-Ray
Artist Released 2014

Marcus Fischer + Ted Laderas/The OO-Ray are both of Filipino descent. Upon hearing of the destruction wreaked in the Philippines by Typhoon Haiyan, they immediately wanted to help. The result is the Tulong EP.

This EP continues their long standing collaboration (starting with their LP Tessellations) with two long form pieces, one improvised live (“Deluge”), and one recorded especially for this EP (“Reconstruction”). They use synthesizers, guitar, cello, and loops to build two distinct sonic pieces that evolve to powerful conclusions.

Tulong is Tagalog for aid or assistance. All Proceeds will be donated to Humanitarian Response Philippines, a charity that is assisting in the rebuilding of homes of those devastated by Haiyan.

released 27 January 2014
Deluge was recorded September 1, 2012 live at Beacon Sound Records, by Brandon Stauch.
Reconstruction was recorded winter 2013 at Arbor Suite, by Ted Laderas + Marcus Fischer.

All sounds created by Marcus Fischer + Ted Laderas.
Philippines photo by Marcus Fischer.

Tulong can be purchased HERE copy.jpg